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Crawl Space Cleanup

Crawl Space Cleanup in Pomona, California

Posted by Nathan Hartigan on

Water in a crawl space under your condo can contribute to damage including mold, fungi and rot which can cause major structural damage as well as health problems for you and those around you. Mold, mildew and bacterial growth are some of the major health concerns associated with a wet crawl space.

Standing water or wet soil in your house’s crawlspace can arrive from a variety of sources including:

  • A leaking freshwater supply line
  • leaking sewer drain line
  • Naturally high groundwater.
  • By over watering plants around your house
  • Sprinklers spraying through the crawlspace vents.
  • Leaking swimming pools
  • Improperly directed gutter downspouts.
  • Flooding

Standing water or extremely damp soil in your house’s crawlspace can be the start a variety of structural issues and health concerns as well. And also, a lot of humidity caused by the evaporation of standing water or wet soil in your crawl space can provoke mold to grow on the wooden foundation and at the very bottom of the flooring. It can also, additionally cause warping of sub flooring and mold growth in the living room areas of your house. Moisture along with organic material create the perfect recipe for mold and rot. Your crawl space in your house is a haven for moisture, that means the wood underneath your house is at extreme risk for structural damage and dangerous mold. The real prevention starts with removing the moisture. All of these issues can create unhealthy indoor air quality levels.

Our Services

  • Assessment & inspection
  • Remediate and decontaminate the areas
  • Cleanup and repair of areas
  • Moisture level testing
  • Flood & excess water removal

By following our careful process, Pomona Flood USA can be the help you was searching for! Get help today with our experienced team at Pomona Flood USA by calling the 909-243-1893.

We have the skills and experience to perfectly cleanup and recover your crawl space to original conditions! We use a moisture strategy which discover excess quantity and eliminates mold, fungi and other dangerous effects associated with a wet crawl space.