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Top 7 Tips for Buying the Right Scaffolding Equipment

Posted by Nathan Hartigan on

The scaffolding business can be a very lucrative one if you get it right. Having a routine maintenance scheme in place, you can be sure of generating income for a long time with comfort. Whether you are a scaffolding contractor that rents out scaffolding equipment or are an ‘always-busy engineer who needs to buy a personal scaffolding for the various construction works in the queue. However, it can be your worst nightmare if you purchase faulty scaffolding equipment.  You can Know more about the scaffolding business in Australia by click here.

Now that you are ready to buy your scaffolding equipment, there’s something very crucial you need to do before you dash out to the market. You need to consider a few things if you want to buy the right equipment that can serve various types of construction works efficiently, prevent you from making unnecessary expenses, tick all the safety boxes, and give you peace of mind.

So, what are those things you should look out for to buy the right equipment? Who knows better if not experts who have amassed vast experience in the scaffolding Industry.

This article will reveal the top 10 tips from the scaffolding experts to guide you when purchasing your scaffolding equipment. Now, let’s get to it. 

Tip 1: Stick to the highest standards

The first tip to buy the correct scaffolding is to do thorough research to know the international standard requirement in your locality and make sure you stick to it. While you do your research, bear in mind that the standards vary from one region to another, which is common throughout the world. 

Though many of the standards seem similar, each has unique requirements for individual components such as tubes, couplers, and boards. Each also has different specifications for different scaffolding systems.

Hence, you need to ensure that you purchase all the scaffolding materials in compliance with the specified standards and confirm that each part comes with appropriate certifications. 

Suppose you are buying from a reputable scaffolding company. In that case, there’s a higher tendency that you will purchase top-quality scaffolding equipment. The reason is that reputable companies adhere to recognized standards. Notwithstanding, you need to check the standards before making the payment.

Tip 2: Beware of the fakes

Suppose you are planning to order from one online store that promised you the best on the internet. In that case, you should be preparing to welcome substandard materials. Buying online is not always the best way when it comes to scaffolding equipment. In most cases, people get disappointed at delivery.

The chances are that you will be buying fake scaffolding from a substandard  manufacturer who might disguise under the identity of a reputable company. Hence, I recommend that you buy from a scaffolding manufacturing company that can guarantee you the safety and authenticity of their products. Buying from a recognized company can also fetch you some additional benefits.

Tip 3: Go for a highly technical product

You need to be aware that the best scaffolding systems are not simple commodities. In these recent times, scaffolding systems are becoming a highly developed tech product. 

Though some of the scaffolding systems you see around can look simple at a glance, but integrating them into your construction system as a whole requires high tech.  

It’s so pathetic that most contractors spend big money on equipment they want to use to erect the building, but they tend to try and save money on the scaffolding, which doesn’t speak well. 

The best thing to do is to choose the scaffolding that best suits the construction job. The site workers and your pocket will thank you for that.

Tip 4: Choose a scaffold that offers stairway access

Vertical access requirements are one of the severe aspects that most contractors commonly overlook. Even in this age that advanced technology is dominating, it is surprising that most contractors still use ladders in scaffolding set-ups. Even having known that they are dangerous equipment on site, you will still find it everywhere.

When you use a ladder to support the scaffolding, you put people who are using the scaffolding at the risk of falling accidentally. 

So, instead of putting the lives of your construction workers at risk, you can ensure safety by simply choosing the scaffolding that provides stairway access. 

Tip 5: Ensure traceability 

You need to ensure traceability in case there’s a problem with any of your scaffolding components. To make it easier, manufacturers always put markings that indicate where and when the company manufactured the scaffolding component. 

Those markings have numerous benefits. For instance, if there’s an issue with any of your scaffolding components in the next five years, it will help you know the affected ones from the batch you purchased five years ago.

When you have problems with any of the components, it will be easy for the manufacturer to track it down to a particular batch.

Tip 6: Ensure you have a technical support 

It is essential to buy from a manufacturer with a solid and ready technical support team that can come to your aid when it matters the most. 

Scaffolding is not reliable. Especially if you don’t buy the ones made of top-quality materials, they can fail at any time. So, when that happens, you need to contact the manufacturer’s technical team immediately. They will come around,  take it away, analyze the problems and come back with a detailed report regarding the reason for the failure and provide lasting scaffolding solutions.

Hence, you need to ensure that there is technical support for the product you are buying.

Tip 7: Request an independent test certificate 

Every reputable manufacturer must supply their products with an independent tests certificate. So, one of the ways to be sure you are buying from a reliable source is to watch out for the independent certificate test in the package. 

If the manufacturer omits it, feel free to request a copy. And, if they couldn’t provide any, it is good for you to walk away.

An Independent test certificate shows the credibility of the scaffolding products. Also, it serves as a confirmation that the manufacturer maintains the highest standard.

On a final note 

One crucial fact you need to hold in your mind is that scaffolding is not one size fits all. As you seek to buy the right scaffolding equipment made with top-quality materials, make sure you stick to the above variables to guide your choice in the market. Remember, buying the wrong scaffolding can bring headaches to your venture. So, give it your maximum attention.